Goldeneye nest box


Entrance 115×115 mm, opening front wall height 55 cm and has climbing tracks for nestlings. Frame is 21 mm conifer plywood and roof is 9 mm film plywood.

The nest box has strong eye screws for the upper rope and the back bars (made of larch) have holes for the bottom rope.

Colour: decayed-wood grey

Fastening instruction

Perhaps the most important in fastening is that the Goldeneye has direct possibility to approach the nest. In addition, you must make sure that there isn’t any sharp branches or rocks underneath the nest box, that could hurt the nestlings jumping from the nest. The nest box can be far from the beach, 100 metres isn’t too far for the nestlings if the environment is otherwise favourable.

The nest box needs much padding. A 10 litres’ bucket is appropriate amount for this nest box.