General information on all nest boxes

Every nest box has a front wall that opens from the bottom edge. This has proven to be user-friendly as the nest box is easy to empty and simultaneously extends the lifespan of the nest box.

The inclined roofs are tightly sealed to the structure with countersunk screws. This way water or snow doesn’t stay on the roof but falls off past the front wall to the ground.

The nest boxes for Tits have protection panel made of steel for the nest entrance, that protects the nestlings from nest robbers. The panel is sealed to the front wall with four screws. The panel has a flawless hole that is at least 2 mm bigger in diameter than the entrance in the front wall. This protects the bird’s feathers from damage, also the lining of entrance is rounded.

The back wall has weatherproofed bars that help the nest box to fasten well against a tree and at the same time the back wall of the nest box stays away from the tree, so water can’t harm it. The back wall’s bars have lines through which adjustable rope is pushed.
Kaikki pesäpönttö mallit ovat valmistettu 21 mm:n havuvanerista ja niihin on tehty lajityypin mukaan tarvittavat kiipeämisurat pöntön etusivun sisäpuolelle.

All nest box models have been made from 21 mm conifer plywood and they have climbing tracks made by type of species, on the front wall of the nest box.

In addition, all the nest boxes’ sufficient air ventilation has been taken into notice. Conifer plywood has been proven to be excellent nest box building material and the Great Spotted Woodpecker doesn’t succeed to hack a hole into the nest box’s frame like it does without a trouble for example to nest boxes made from wooden board.

The nest boxes for small birds have a standard accessory, a fastening rope (1,5 m), by which the nest box is easy to fasten to a tree and when the tree grows, the rope is easy to loosen up.