Years ago, mostly by coincidence, I made nest boxes for Tits, and it felt exceptionally pleasant. Since then, I started to wonder, if I would dare to make these nest boxes, that are familiar to everyone in Finland and that nearly every one of us have either made or could make, as a living? If I made them exceptionally well, would I have enough customers? I have practiced making nest boxes for a couple of years and during that time in my nest box booth, I got a delightful amount of positive feedback and even suggestions: “Please go to the internet with your nest boxes, these can’t be found anywhere.”

As the selection of nest boxes grew, the decision to start a business strengthened too.

One of the best parts of market sales is the interaction with customers. Almost everything I know about this field I have learned from inspiring customers.

The web shop can’t replace this, and it’s not supposed to, because we will still meet at the market square. The web shop serves those countless customers, who don’t have the opportunity to buy a nest box from the booth. When in the middle of a vacation trip, in work trip or just can’t get on the spot. At fall 2019, we moved to bigger production premises in Kuusisto, Kaarina, where you will be served by a happy nest box maker almost every day. Just in case, it’s worth to call before stopping by the shop so the nest box maker won’t be at another selling event or at other nest box errands.

Product development is still on-going even though the selection of nest boxes is already quite comprehensive. In addition to the bird feeders, the selection will increase with nesting products for other species. I also make custom-made products for customers.

If you appreciate easy-to-use products and long durability, come meet me or contact me and we will get your nest box related matters in order – the birds will like that.

Nest box greetings