PRIVACY POLICY Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 § and 24 §

Date of making 25.05.2018

Keeper of the register
Name: 2.Luonto
Address: Turunmaankatu 4 A 3, 20740 Turku, Finland
+358 44 2657977,

Registry name: Customer register

Personal data processing’s purpose; Managing a customer relationship

Data content of registry: Customer’s name and contact information, ordered products or services and their delivery and billing information and other exchange of letters.
We retain your personal data:
– for five years in the web shop
– for seven years in the email archives
– for seven years in the bookkeeping archives

Regular sources of information:
– The web shop’s orders
– Contact form
– Google Analytics

Regular disclosure of information
Information is handled by:
– our firm and its employees
– payment intermediary, that receives payment
– delivery firm, that delivers the product
– accounting firm, that documents the order to our bookkeeping
– auditor, who checks our bookkeeping
– IT-company, that maintains our web page
– web hosting, where our www-site is located

Data transfer outside the EU or ETA. Isn’t transferred.

Registry’s protection principles
Manual archives
– No manual registry
Information handled at ADP
– Registry is held in password protected server with encrypted connection

Right to inspection: Everyone has the right to check their information. Point of contact Harri Tuomi.

Other rights in relation to data processing: Everyone has the right to refuse the use of their information in marketing, distance sales or market and opinion surveys. Point of contact Harri Tuomi.