Starling nest box


Entrance Ø48 mm, front wall height is 35 cm.

 Frame is 21 mm conifer plywood and roof is 9 mm film plywood.

Opening front wall, steel protection panel for entrance, the back wall has bars to help fasten to a tree. The opening front wall has climbing tracks for nestlings.

The nest box has appropriate equipment for fastening. (Fastening rope is included.)

Colours: Red and decayed-wood grey

Fastening instruction

Fasten the nest box preferably to at least 3 metres height.

Starling is a colonially nesting bird, so the nest boxes can be placed very close to each other. Single trees and poles are fine. Flight path needs to be open even when there are leaves on the trees. Squirrels don’t usually like open grounds and that’s why they are good nesting places for Starlings.

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