Hedgehog nest


    Hedgehog nest works either as a winter nest or as a summery feeding place. Due to the opening roof, it’s easy to put food inside the nest for the hedgehog, so the food is away from food thieves. As the hedgehog settles down, it simultaneously resolves snail problems in the garden.

    The nest can be on the side of a wall, the root of a tree or a rock. Pick a place that doesn’t pile up water. Spread rough gravel or crushed stone and top it with a layer of moss. Now you can place the hedgehog nest and fill it with hay and leaves when winter comes.

    Size 54×40 cm, eaves height 25 and 30 cm. Frame is 21 mm conifer plywood and roof is 9 mm film plywood. Below the eaves are small gaps and the ends have holes for sufficient ventilation.
    Colours: Red and decayed-wood grey

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